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Brand Story

The founder  Ann was born in the age of 1980s, and she has  been  exposed to many different types of food and ingredients from her early age due to the industry that her father working to. For this reason, Ann had cultivates enthusiasm for food industry.

Ann always thinks that if the high-end food that we saw in the market can have a price that everyone  can afford, then there will be more people enjoy the high-end food.

As the development of the Internet growth, it also make international trade become more convenient and fast, and may transactions have been complete simply by clicking a bottom by fingers. This change aroused Ann's enthusiasm and wanna share affordable and  delicious foods to consumers. This enthusiasm  make Ann have  a dream of creating a brand.

In 2020, Ann established the brand "Taste of Jing Yang". By demonstrated her specialize of good taste, the choice a good product, and positioning the product  become Ann's main duty, and  this is also the business model that she use to operated her own brand, which is to share excellent products to consumers.

As the fast pace of modern life, eating exquisitely and eating well have become a trend. in addition, there are more small families in the society, the large package products are gradually not favored by consumers. In contrast, small package and exquisite products have become the mainstream.  The brand of  "Taste of Jing Yang" committed to providing  refined and affordable products to consumers, and  your  five-stars evaluation  and support is our greatest motivation. To share the best products to your love ones, only in "Taste of Jing Yang"!