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Return Policy

Refund/Exchange Policy

1.  Please note: Once the product is opened, we cannot proceed therefund/exchange process, please understand. (Outer plastic bag or commodityplastic bag has been opened, is consider as opened)

2.  According to the “Consumer Protection Law” in Taiwan, consumersobtain a 7-days hesitation period. Products received more than 7 days willconsider as purchased and cannot be refund/exchange unless product had defective.

3.  The 7-days hesitation period is not a “trial period”. If the productis unpacked or used, and cause the value of the resale is lost due to theproduct integrity, we cannot proceed refund/exchange unless product haddefective.

4.  According to the “Consumer Protection Law” in Taiwan, fresh products(fresh meat and seafood) are not eligible for a 7-days hesitation period. (Accordingto the First Item of Article 2 of the “The Regulations on Reasonable Matters asExceptions to Rescind the Distance Sales”, products that are liable todeteriorate, with fairly short shelf life, or expire rapidly at the time torescind the contract, consider as reasonable exception matter in the provisionof Article 19, item 1 of the Consumer Protection Law. The fresh products doesnot eligible to the Article 19, and not having 7-days hesitation period sinceJanuary 1, 2016.

5.  Please maintain the integrity of the product package, including thecommodities packaging when apply for refund/exchange. If the refund/exchangeproduct is found to be defective after we received, we will reserve the rightto refund/exchange.

6.  To apply refund/exchange, please email to our customer servicemailbox at

7.  When apply refund/exchange, please include the original receipt inthe package and send to the designated convenient store by using store-to-storemethod. We will handle the logistics cost for refund/exchange.

8.  If the return information is filled incorrectly or other factorscause the company unable to received the refund goods, it will extended the refund/exchangetime and you will need to pay the additional freight.

9.  We will refund the amount to consumers’ designated bank accountwithin 7-14 days after we received the refund/exchange application and makesure product integrity.

10. If consumers applied more than 5 times of refund/exchange, or otherabnormal matters within 2 months, our company will obtain the right to restrictthe consumers to use his/her membership account to our website. If this makeany inconvenience, please understand.

11. If the order balance is unqualified to the discount afterrefund/exchange, the original discount will lapse. In addition, the increase ofcosts after refund/exchange will be borne by consumers, please understand.

12. If consumers is unqualified to the full amount gift activity afterrefund/exchange, consumers need to return the full amount gift that we sent originallyto us.


Consumers are consent to therefund/exchange policy when submit the application of refund/exchange to us,also agree that we handle the invalidation of receipt and other relate matters.